Sunday service

In line with current public health advice, and advice from the Baptist Union, we are meeting at Dunchurch Methodist Church - however for those who are not yet ready to join us the service will be live streamed as well. If you wish to join us at DMC then we ask that you wear a mask, thank you.

At 10:30 each Sunday the service will 'start' here with a two minute countdown (provided by YouTube). You might want to subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to get notifications of videos and streams. The service will remain avaiable to watch again during the week.

Live chat is generally disabled for services because they are not limited to adult audiences.

Please email any comments on the format or experience to us here.

For non technical equiries etc, then contact the church via the website.

To view on YouTube click here (this link will change each week, so don't bookmark it).